Based in Kansas City, The Pea & Carrot Production Company is a full-service videography and film production company.  Our passion for the creative process of film and video reflects in our projects, and it seems to excite our clients too!  We love and appreciate all tools to evoke storytelling from the role of music, the image, and intuitive editing as equally important parts that come together to create a memorable piece.  As a new production company, we’ve had quite a successful start in the wedding videography business and are excited to be branching out into other content creation including short films and corporate advertising. Visit our contact page and don’t hesitate to ask what we can do for you!

  at the pea & carrot OUR TEAM is YOUR TEAM!  come meet us….

Ryan Behind Camera

name: ryan ZIMMER
role: founder & director
hometown: leawood, KANSAS
favorite movie: gladiator
favorite director: speilberg (pure genius!)

name: noemi TARNAI
  role: assistant director
  hometown: siklos, HUNGARY
  favorite movie: gone with the wind
  favorite director: zimmer 😉


a creative visuals company