OrthoEquine™ Behind the Shoot

Hey all,

I was thrilled a few weeks ago to be in touch with the lovely owner at Ortho Equine again, but this time to shoot a series of lifestyle photos for her brand and products. I had the pleasure of shooting a video for her business last fall…if you haven’t had a chance to see it you can check that out on my site here.


Olympus OM-D E-M5  ( Amazon ,  B&H )
• Olympus M. Zuiko 75mm f/1.8  ( Amazon , B&H )
• Voigtlander 17.5mm f/.95  ( Amazon , B&H )
FujiFilm XT-1  ( Amazon , B&H )
• Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4  ( Amazon , B&H )

The OLYMPUS E-M5 has been my absolute WORKHORSE since I first got it almost 3 years ago, and especially with the amazing 75 f/1.8 on there. I cannot recommend that lens enough! As usual, perhaps the best thing about the Olympus is that with their remarkable IBIS (in body image stabilization) I’m able to get shots that would often be hit or miss on many other systems.

My newer camera of course the FUJI XT-1 (“sexiest camera alive” in my opinion) is also such a joy to use. My main draw has been and still is the very functional and attractive physical dials that make it easy and fast to know exactly how your shooting. Though I wish I had more lenses for the system, the 18-55 “kit” lens far exceeds any other kit lens I’ve used and is overall a very versatile lens.

Headed out with my two trusty steeds and my favorite vintage leather camera bag (that belonged to my Grandpa) we planned the shoot for around 6PM, giving us about an hour and fifteen minutes of gorgeous lighting before sunset. The location was a scenic equestrian facility not too far outside of Kansas City.

We wanted our look to feel very simple and natural, tuning into the appreciation any rider or horse lover feels when experiencing this lifestyle.

We kicked up dust around us to make a more dramatic effect.

Next up we needed to capture some action shots showcasing Ortho Equine product being worn.

Compared to a DSLR, these types of shots are generally more difficult to nail focus on mirrorless cameras like the XT-1 and E-M5. Comparing the two, the much newer AF-Tracking system in the FUJI did an overall better job of tracking the the horse’s movement…but not by as much as I would have expected.

Look at that detail on the 75 f/1.8 WIDE OPEN!
Look at that detail on the 75 f/1.8 WIDE OPEN!

As we hoped, light starting getting beautiful as sunset approached. Our horse model “Tuff” didn’t seem to mind either!

A few more shots…


For all you equine fanatics out there, my Ortho Equine focus has been on for their stellar saddle pads that offer a unique shimming feature for the ultimate in comfort and customization! However, that is only just the start of their innovative products for both humans and their equine counterparts.

Having stemmed from Ortho Care, they have years of expertise in orthopedic products and development. Take a quick look at their exclusive materials, designs, and nutritional supplements…and you’ll see what set’s their brand apart!

Thank you Ortho Equine for having Pea & Carrot Productions be a small part of your story!